Meet Vectis Technology

It's About the Feel

One Finger Lift

Vectis™ creates the envious feel commonly associated with quality manufacturers such as Hestan Outdoor, Kamado Joe, Sub Zero, Viking Range and Jenn Air


Spring Technology minimizes risks of accidents with often intimidating and potentially dangerous, heavy lids

Flexible Options

Dial in the feel you’re looking for: 

  • Tru Counterbalance
  • Spring Assist
  • Coast Open/Coast Closed
  • Soft Open/Soft Closed
  • Pop-Up
Vectis™ Outdoor Difference

Patented High Heat Technology

Patent pending technology developed specifically for grill applications.

All-Season, All-Weather Reliability

Corrosion and oxidization issues are mitigated by incorporating stainless steel and outdoor grade powder coated components. 

The Tech

Vectis™ Technology is the culmination of decades of mechanical motion control engineering expertise into an ever increasing line of precision counterbalance and spring assisted hinges. Whether your application requires the absolute precision of counter balance technology or simply the benefits of a featherlight, soft-open/soft-close, spring-assisted device; our award-winning Vectis™ team of engineers will provide you with the exact solution you require. And believe us, they love a good challenge!
  1. Tru Counterbalance 
    When the lid/hood stays where you put it.  In other words, it will not move after you position it at the desired angle. 
    This occurs when the lid torque is matched by spring torque and the friction envelope.

    The benefit is being able to vent heat at any angle without propping the lid open.  The spring also provides the added benefit of offsetting heavy lid weight for fingertip control and feel.
  2. Spring Assist 
    Force provided to offset the heavy feel of a hood/lid.  The lid will typically tend to coast open and/or coast closed
    from approximately the middle of it’s opening range.


  3. Coast Closed 
    Lid will tend to move toward the closed position because the lid torque is greater than the spring plus friction torque.


  4. Coast Open 
    Lid will tend to move toward the open position as a result of the lid torque being less than the spring minus friction torque.


  5. Soft Open / Soft Closed 
    Rate of final opening and/or closing controlled by use of a damper in conjunction with springs.  Excess energy is absorbed to prevent sudden stop or slam.


  6. Slam
    The undesirable violent closing that creates noise, an abrupt stop and/or damage to the product or worse, injury, resulting in a negative user experience.


  7. Pop Up 
    A slight rise of a few degrees from the close position due to the spring torque being greater than the lid torque.  This can be advantageous when a latch is used, as it creates a gap for opening the lid.

Case Studies

See how a simple hinge revolutionized this brilliant smoker!

Award wining, thanks in part to Vectis!

We Need You!

Do you engineer + design outdoor kitchens? 
We are looking for your help!

We would like to have your input in the development of our next generation grill hinge system.

Come see us at HPBE Booth #2656 to discuss the possibilities presented by our protoype "LiftOff" system. 

Or, simply fill in the form provided and we will contact you.  Looking forward to working with you!

Case Study: Kamado Joe

The Need: The Big Joe 

To address end user complaints/concerns about the heavy weight feel of the Big Joe smoker lid.  At the very least, end users expressed concern about the strength required to open the lid,  and even more so,  what would happen if the lid was ever allowed to “slam” closed. 

The Solution

Quite simply, a Weber Knapp Tru Counterbalance hinge.  Based on previous knowledge of what the Vectis™ team at Weber Knapp had done for other manufacturers in the past,  Bobby Brennan from Kamado Joe contacted us. 

As a cooperative extension of the Kamado Joe engineering group, the Vectis team, designed, prototyped, tested, and now produces the highly successful Air Lift Hinge for Kamado Joe.  So successful, it lead to a similar solution on the “Classic” AND the latest addition to the Kamado Joe family, The Pro Joe.


The Need: The Pro Joe

Develop another Air Lift Hinge for the latest addition to the Kamado Joe product line… The Pro Joe™.  The feel and performance needed to be comparable to the Big Joe & Classic Air Lift Hinges, mandating another Tru Counterbalance design.   

The Solution

Involved addressing approximately 50% more lid force than on the Big Joe and a requirement for a #8 mirror bright finish.  Weber Knapp’s Vectis engineers quickly realized that a 50% larger Big Joe hinge would not be acceptable, so they went back to the drawing board designing the optimum solution with space and cost considerations in mind, and delivered on time, as promised.


Case Study: Hestan Grills

The Need

Hestan Commercial a manufacturer of high-quality commercial kitchens, based out of Anaheim, California, introduced a line of professional-grade grills for the residential market under the brand of Hestan Outdoor.


This new product line include an array of grills, complementary doors and drawers, side burners, refrigeration products and a custom stainless outdoor island suite. With the grills being the centerpiece of the offering, Hestan designers and engineers had very specific ideas on how to create the most innovative, powerful, versatile and reliable grills available.


In this pursuit, one of the core design considerations was the ability to vent the food being prepared by partially opening the hood for a period of time. Traditional methods to accomplish this consisted of holding open a heavy hood – tying up one hand – or using something to prop it open at a fixed height. Hestan knew there had to be a better way.

The Solution

With a combined design engineering experience of more than 125 years in the commercial, indoor and outdoor appliance industry, the engineers at Hestan recalled previous counterbalance solutions provided by Weber Knapp Co. in Jamestown, New York. After contacting Weber Knapp, the solution to their design problem was found.


What our clients say

Weber Knapp does it again!

We challenged them to design another “Air Lift Hinge” for the Pro Joe™ that requires 50% more spring force than on the Big Joe™,
to make it in #8 mirror bright stainless steel finish, and do it all within ½ of their normal development time.

An “all hands on deck” attitude came together with Swiss watch precision to deliver prototypes and production on time and on budget.

Our product wouldn’t be what it is without them.”

Bobby Brennan President/CEO Kamado Joe

“From the initial contact, through the entire design, prototype, testing and production process.”

“Weber Knapp was an extension of our engineering effort and an integral part of our successful launch.  From that point on, we knew we had found what we were looking for.”

Hans Wenzel Design Engineer at Hestan Commercial Corporation

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Vectis OEM
The Ultimate One Finger "Air Lift"

Compare the feel and features of a 36 Pound VECTIS™ hood next to an identical “hinge only” hood.

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Vectis LiftOff
An Exciting New Prototype 

Come see and contribute your thoughts to this space saving concept hinge system that we are interested in co-developing with partner OEM’s. 

Simply fill in this form to participate.

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Vectis Assist
Spring Assist with Soft Close

Come see and feel what a combination of the Spring Assist hinge and Soft Close features will do for you. 

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Vectis Flex


The Job Shop-Friendly Solution

Vectis technology utilizing standard components, offering customizable features without tooling or high engineering costs. 

Ideal for lower volume applications such as custom barrel style smokers.

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Vectis by Weber Knapp

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